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You can now enjoy the power-snacking experience with every bar. Tasty, healthy and energetic bite everyday.

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why choose adishtu energy bars?





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Common FAQ's

If it is no sugar, How come your bars are sweet?

Yes, we don't add any type of sugar instead we relay on the natural sweetness from the dry fruits we add.

Without preservatives how can your product stay for long time?

Here, we do only minimal processing for preparation of our bars. Also as we don't add preservatives our products stay only for 6 months, if unsealed. Once you open the wrapper try to complete within 7 days.

Who can consume these products?

We make our products completely natural, no added sugar, no added preservatives, no added artificial sweetner or flavour. so our bars can be consumed by all regardless of age, gender.

Do you add soy for proteins?

No we don't add any soy/vegan/whey protein for our energy bars. All the protein from bars comes from the natural ingredient added.

Do your bars contain dairy?

No, our bars are completely vegan.

What's the recommended daily intake of your energy bars?

We need equal amount of proteins as our body weight and if you are bulking then the protein intake doubles to your body weight. Our bars contain5-6 grams of protein in one go. Accordingly, you can consume our bars, as it contains all minimal processed and natural ingredients.

Can these bars be consumed before or after workouts?

Yes, you can consume our bars as the provide a good amount of proteins and all the micronutrients, they are good and healthy source of food and also stays as a guilt- free snacks.

How does your bars taste?

Here is another reason why you should try our bars!!!