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Mixed Pack of Energy Bars - Box of 10

Mixed Pack of Energy Bars - Box of 10

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We have mixed flavors of tasty delights in a box. Each box contains 2 pieces of bars from all flavors. Totally 10 pieces in a box.


Indulge in the sweetness of dates, the richness of nuts, the tanginess of dried fruits, the burst of berries, and the decadent embrace of chocolate, all harmoniously blended into a delectable treat.

Curious about our bars?

Explore our sampler pack to discover a variety of our delicious Flavors. It’s the perfect way to discover your favourites and maybe you’ll fall in love with our yummy treats.

Designed for All:

Our chocolate bar can be consumed liberally not only by adults but also by children and diabetics...

Pure Goodness Packed in Every Bite! Our energy bar boasts:

->  No Added Sugar

->  No Added Preservatives

->  No Artificial Sweeteners

->  No Added Chemicals

->  No Artificial Flavour

->  No Soy, Dairy, Gluten

Snack confidently on a bar that's as clean as it is delicious!

Package Content: 2 X Strawberry energy bar, 2 X fig & apricot energy bar, 2 X peanut energy bar, 2 X Coffee energy bar, 2 X Cranberry.

Quantity: 400g (10 X 40g each)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dr. Navaneeth Venkateswaran
Energize Your Way through Adishtu

The first bite of the cranberry bar was so tempting that I wanted to share this experience to you all. I really loved the cranberry, strawberry and the fig variants of Adishtu's energy bars. I highly recommend people to try these energy bars. They have several varies with them each attracting different taste lovers.

Dr. Divya Prabha
A healthy and fulfilling treat

The chocolates that me and my family tried were good especially the fig one and the berry flavoured bars. Love your efforts for making these chocolates rich and filled with goodness. The packaging was very neat and appealing. All the best. Looking forward to more.😁

Gowtham Rv
Quality and Package!

It has a natural taste for each and every bite.
Packaging the product seems to be good

Peter Wesley
Excellent alternative

If you are an fitness enthusiast and want an instant energy before your workout or post workout it is the best choice. It also have many benefits mainly sugar free. Kindly go for it and it is very healthy 💪

Good and Healthy